Diary of a MOMprenuer {week 9}

Yet another week has flown by...where is the summer going? Kids will be going back to school in about a month and I am not ready for that at all! I know I know...call me crazy! OK, I am ready for Aly to start Kindergarten, she needs school as she is a busy body. As for Ty and Corbin, not so much. I am not ready for the massive amounts of homework to start and the nagging I will have to do to make sure that homework gets done...BLAH! I know I shouldn't complain about that either, Ty only has 5 years left....ugh...wait...only 5 years of school...oh man how did my baby become a young man!? Next year he will be in highschool...someone stop the madness!! I am too young to have a high school kid...geesh! UGH and next year will start the craziness of having three kiddos in three different schools. One elementary, one middle school and one high school. Guess I better enjoy this year! LOL

Moving right along before I start balling about my babies growing up too fast. This week has been a nice mellow week...aaah! (it usually is calm before the storm though...yikes) Still dealt with a bit of drama left over from last weekend, but things are good now! I am so excited about the orders that will be shipped tomorrow, they were "Different" and I got to really use my creativity to make some new designs, love that!! As of late I haven't had the chance to get any new designs really going. Some are cut out and just waiting to be put together and others are in a holding pattern in my head.  Most likely this fall I will be able to get more done with the kids in school...maybe...I see many late nights in my future!

So the part planning for Aly's "Candy Fairy Party" is in full swing...finally! I got her party dress made yesterday and thank goodness she loves it! She is the pickiest little DIVA I know...yikes she is gonna be trouble! Anyway, bought 18 yards of tulle to start making tutus. Instead of handing out goodie bags with a bunch of little bobbles I figured each girl would get a tutu, head band and then get to fill up a box at the "Candy Buffet".  Candy buffet...still trying to decide what the heck will be going on the Candy buffet that Aly wants. Still need to find some, yellow, teal, and lime green colored candy. Hmmm... I really wish the individually colored bags of M&Ms weren't so stinking expensive! Hello $7 for a 7 oz bag... $1 per ounce...insane! They have machine who do all the work for crying out loud!  I would just buy a ginormous bag of the regular M&Ms at Sam's Club and sit and pick out the colors I wanted, but seriously, one do I have the time and two, they don't have the colors in there that I want anyway. If I get really desperate I guess I will cross my fingers and hope Michael's has a coupon for 40% off and go in a couple of times to get the colors I need...MAYBE!!! Still a lot even with the coupon in my opinion for a few ounces of candy. Gonna have to get my creative mojo on for this one! Any suggestions would be great!

Gee anything else...well waiting to hear back from a few places, fingers crossed that one of these will be BIG for Party Starters! Of course I can't say what it is, cause then it won't come true..LOL!

Guess that is about it for this week, rather boring...Thanks so much for stopping by! Again I appreciate all of the wonderful comments and emails that were sent to me through out the week. You are all so amazing to me!! Thanks!!

Have a wonderful week!