"Hazardous Teen Birthday" {Real Party}

**UPDATE** This party is being updated turned into a party printable collection which you can find at my other site, www.dandpcelebrations.com Thank you, Pam

Finally, the Hazardous Teen themed birthday party that my oldest son and I have been concocting for the last 3 month, finally happened on Saturday! My son's inspiration for this party, Toxic Waste candy and of course his favorite color...lime green.

Here are the photos:

Here was the invitation, well a sample of it, I never took the one with the actual date on it.

 Here is the front door. We taped off the entire porch with caution tape...I am sure the neighbors were wondering what the heck was going on...LOL

Friday night I finished up some of last minute details, like this neon green ooze hanging from the ceiling. That was another midnight project, but well worth it! Along with the green ooze, I hung some of those spikey squishy balls, (what the heck are they called??) as well as bio hazard & radiation symbols and of course the name banner. 
Here are a couple of close ups of the dessert table

Here are the candy bar wrappers, I made with personalized "Warning" labels. Every guest, including the adults got to take one home. In very small writing at the bottom it says:
"Tyler's Birthday Party 2010".

Here are the soda bottles...yes, this party was ALL sugar!

Here is what the cupcake looked like. I filled white cupcakes with vanilla pudding that was colored green. This one I managed to salvage from being eaten. I had to run with it outside to get its picture, before it was scarfed down!

The cupcake pops, the insides were all chocolate cake. The tan coated pops were made with melted peanut butter baking chips and the green coated pops were colored white chocolate melts. I must say the peanut butter ones tasted just like a Peanut butter cup, which I really liked.  The kids however  preferred the green coated pops. We spray painted a styrofoam circle silver and used it to place the pops in...just something different.

The green balls there on the bottom right were smaller cakeballs, easy to pop right in your mouth! OH and gone within a matter of minutes!

Here is a view of the entire tablescape

This party was so much fun! I am so glad Tyler let me decorate even though he is a teenager now and the majority of boys his age would be embarrassed. I am happy to announce that ALL, yes every single one of the boys who attended the party from 10-17 years old commented several times on how cool everything was. That I think was the best part, or maybe the best part is that Tyler wanted to transfer all of the decorations to his room to redecorate.

Thanks so much for stopping in! Have a wonderful Monday!!