Hazardous Teen Birthday Party Theme.

***UPDATE** This collection is being updated and turned into party printables. You can find the new collection over on my new site: www.dandpcelebrations.com

This past Saturday I hosted a Ladies Night for friends and family. My goal was to create a few smal displays for inspiration and mostly to have fun. I will be showing lots of photos throughout the week from my party, so stay tuned!

The display that was talked about the most was my "Hazardous Teen Birthday". First reaction, everyone was impressed that I created a party theme that a 13 year old boy would allow. Second a theme that he would actually allow me to make decorations for. Third, this theme is SO different and really could work for ages 10 and up OR an extremely funny baby shower...LOL

To create this display I used fishing line to hang "Puffy Balls" (from Target's dollar spot) to the ceiling, so they would look like they were floating. Then I created the Radioactive and Biohazard symbols and attached them to the fishing line at different heights. Using these same symbols, I created smaller versions and used them for cupcake picks. Last on my list was the slime invitation I created last week. Everything was arranged on a green plastic tablecloth that I bunched up to look messy. In the near future I will be creating a banner and candy bar wrappers as well as drink labels to go along with this set. I still have a couple of weeks to do all of this before the actual party, thank goodness! OH and of course all of these items will soon be in my Etsy store...yippeee!

For those of you with tween or teen boys, I hope this inspired you to think outside of the box!
See you tomorrow,