A Pink Ballerina Bear Baby Shower

I recently hosted a baby shower for a good friend who is having her first girl. I know when I found out after having two boys that I was about to have a girl everything needed to be pink, frilly and absolutely GIRLY! For this shower my friend had already chosen a pink and brown ballerina bear crib set, so I ran with that theme. Actually the bear on top of the cake goes with her crib set.

Here are just a few photos of the main centerpiece which was actually decorated 360 degrees, hard to tell in the photo. This is where all of the favors and prizes were displayed.

I had two games for the guests to play and the winners got to take home a tea light lamp and some pink stationary that was stamped with little flowers. The little Mary Jane booties were filled with pink, silver and red Hershey kisses and given out as each guest left the shower.

The menu was simple and instead of making little labels for each dish I printed out a menu and framed it in a white 4x6 picture frame. That way everyone knew what was being served and if it was spicy, which most guests appreciated!
This is what was served: Fried Ravioli with a cream tomato dipping sauce (made by my friends Mom...so delicious!), green leafy salad with a raspberry vinaigrette, wheat crackers with a spicy raspberry cream cheese dip, fresh fruit salad and jalapeno poppers. There were fun little dishes set around with Valentine M&M's (perfect colors for the shower) to make everything really bright and colorful. The beverages were pink lemonade, pink champagne and bottles of water which I did make special labels for, but forgot to get a picture of them...darn it!

I am happy to announce that my girlfriend as of last Friday has a beautiful baby girl, Amelia Violet. Welcome little one and congrats Chantelle, Josh and Noah!

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