A Party for Evie

Evie, a very special now two year old celebrated her birthday this past weekend. Her Mom, Mandy sent me these great photos from the party. Mandy had asked for a custom "Happy Birthday" banner for Evie's party and look at how wonderfully she displayed it.

Mandy is the owner of Fabulous Friday Freebie, which gives reviews and showcases all kinds of fabulous products. Check out her site each week to see what new and exciting items she has reviewed and also leave a comment for your chance to win some cool prizes. Party Starters was thrilled to be featured last week as part of the "Birthday Extravaganza" in honor of little Evie's birthday. You can read about Evie's story HERE.

Thank you Mandy for the pictures, the opportunity to work with you AND to be a part of your special celebration!!