Kids are fans of Party Starters Custom Cakes!

A few blog posts back I blogged about a cake that I made for Hanna's 9th birthday. We love creating custom cakes especially for kids, because this is the response we get. Here is the comment her Hanna's Mom left for us on our website:

I received a pink glittery Hannah Montana cake for my daughter’s 9th birthday. I saved the cake as a complete surprise for her. I wish you would have been here to hear her scream in delight! I love the picture of her looking at it. Her eyes were as big as golf balls. SHE LOVED IT!!! She loved it so much, she asked her friends to give her the boxes back so she can keep it in her room for decoration. LOL!!! A few girls wouldn’t part with their boxes. AWESOME!!! Everyone enjoyed the cake. This was Hanna’s first birthday party ever. She is usually too sick on her birthday to have a party (Chronic Lung Disease). You made her birthday so very special…and you made my heart swell with love and admiration. You are so very talented.

Thank you. Thank you SOOOOO much!!