Martha Stewart's Dreamers Into Doers...

I am extremely proud to announce that Party Starters has been featured as Martha Stewart's "Doer of the week" on the Dreamers Into Doers portion of her website! This is such an honor, I have been bouncing off the walls since we were contacted by Alexis, the Website's Editor, last week. I am and have been huge fans of Martha Stewart and her talented staff since the early 1990's. She is such an inspiration!

You can see our featured spot this week by clicking HERE

What does all of this mean... Every person/company highlighted as a "Doer of the Week" will be featured in the Martha Stewart newsletter and has the opportunity to win the People's Choice contest in the fall (2010). Winner receives $2,500 for their business.

All we can say is thank you thank you thank you Alexis for this honor! We are humbled to be among such an extremely talented group of small business owners.

Be sure to check out the Party Starters store as we have added a TON of new product. Don't forget to go to our website for lots of fun tricks and tips on how and why to use our products.

As always thanks for stopping by,